Sunday, March 30, 2014

What Does the Fox Say? State Testing Motivation

    In addition to Kid President, another craze this year has been the infamous "What Does the Fox Say?" song with silly lyrics and a techno beat. If you must, you can watch the video here. :)

I decided I needed to have a theme for the test-prep lessons and materials that I provided to our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Much to others' dismay, it just so happens that "say" and "PSSA" rhyme. We have to get their attention somehow, right? So why not use something that they enjoy to help motivate them to put effort into something that they aren't looking forward to?

Below is a simple bulletin board that I put up at one of my buildings to reinforce the test-taking strategies that I was reviewing with students:

The speech bubbles are filled with simple strategies that I modified from reading the "Be A Super Test-Taker" book that's been released by Scholastic. Overall, a solid resource for both teachers and students. You can find it on Amazon here.

During test-prep lessons, I also provided students with a blank, lined speech bubble to write their own "What does the Fox Say?" test prep advice. If time permitted, students shared some of their advice to the class. I wrapped up by playing the song for students and gave them a short "pep-talk". :) 

This theme may seem silly or a lot of extra work when I could have just gone in and reminded students of the usual "Get enough sleep, eat a good breakfast, sharpen your pencils, yada yada...". But as I mentioned earlier, if we want to show students that we value their time and effort on these tests, why not put a little extra effort in on our part to make it fun and motivational?? Check out this AWESOME video by Spicer Elementary students in Texas! So awesome! They're definitely motivated! :)

Good luck to everyone during testing season!!

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