Saturday, March 29, 2014

We LOVE you, Kid President!!

   I have been utilizing Kid President videos at various times throughout this school year because I LOVE him and the messages he shares. Through his videos, he provides a variety of "pep-talks" with themes that sometimes resemble the "pep-talks" we give to our students: don't be a bully, be more awesome, getting your "learn' on, etc! Needless to say, I have gotten many of my students hooked as well. I have shared these videos:
             - In e-mails to staff
             -As a motivation tool prior to state testing
             -As part of classroom guidance lessons
             -At the beginning of group sessions

Here are a few of my favorite videos:

I also found this AWESOME Kid President Writing Activity via the Owl-ways Be Inspired Blog. The link to her post can be found here. She is AMAZING for offering this for FREE!

Through the pages of this book, students have the opportunity to be their own "Kid President" and give advice to a variety of community members including teachers, moms, babies, waiters, etc! There are 25 different options to utilize-OR you can choose just a few and make multiple copies!

If you haven't already, I encourage you to take some time and watch some of Kid President's other videos! Prepare to be inspired!! :) 

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