Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fall Growth Mindset Bulletin Board

Inspired by School Counselor Blog's integration of the Growth Mindset into her school-wide programming this year, I, too, have gradually begun to introduce the idea throughout my work with students. In fact, the idea of developing a growth mindset has become a hot-topic with educators everywhere. View the transcript from our #escchat on "Exploring the Growth Mindset" here.

A growth mindset suggests that intelligence can be developed.  This is the opposite of a fixed mindset-the idea that intelligence is static. I constantly encourage students to take a closer look at their thoughts-as they fuel their behaviors! 

There are so many fantastic growth mindset bulletin board ideas out there. A simple search of "growth mindset" on Pinterest can provide you with many ideas! This was my fall interpretation. Not perfect, but many teachers have integrated this into class discussions and their own work with students. Hoping to continue promoting the topic throughout the rest of the academic year. :) 

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