Monday, November 11, 2013

Save Money, Live Better: $50 of Counseling Resources

Recently, one of my elementary schools was the recipient of gift cards from WalMart's Teacher Rewards Program. I was fortunate to receive a $50 gift card to use towards resources for my school counseling office.  A little bit goes a long way!

The Haul:

1. Small Adirondack Chair-Not only are these chairs super cute, but their slightly reclined position can be great for students who come to take a break! Dipping into theory, they could also be great for some Empty Chair or Small Chair therapy exercises. ($4.97)

2. Post-It Notes-Can't ever have enough of these things around! Whether you use them in sessions with students, or simply to remind yourself of the 1,678 things on your to-do list, post-it notes are always handy! (1.97/ 4 pack)

3. Pin-Wheel-Great for working on deep-breathing! (.50)

4. Small Tubes of Toothpaste- I use the toothpaste analogy (once words are out, it's impossible to put them back in) all. the. time!! For younger students, it can be more concrete when a visual is used! (.97) 

5. Games-Currently, I am hauling my staple games, Candy Land & Chutes and Ladders, between my three schools. Not to mention that all of my students remind me how out-dated my versions of the games are! Today's board games come in a more compact box and were fairly inexpensive ($4.88) at WalMart! Board games help to build rapport, encourage conversation, and can be played using questions on various topics (social skills, friendship, etc!)

6. Markers/Crayons/Glue Sticks-Frequently-used resources with my students! 
(.97/ 3-count gluesticks)   ($2.47/ 10-count Crayola Markers)   (1.00/ 4-pack Twistable Crayons)

7. Book- If you've read my previous posts, you know I love incorporating bibliotherapy into my school counseling program! Found this super-cute, easy-reader book for just ($3.77).

8. Play-Doh- Another must-have resource! I find the smaller-portioned containers to be more cost-effective.  This size also allows the students I see frequently to have their own container! 
(3.96/ Bag of 10)

9. Pencil Boxes-I pick these up pretty frequently when I see them for under $1.00! These were (.97) at WalMart! They can be used for hygiene kits, calm-down kits, general storage, etc! 
10. White-Boards-Can be used for doodling, writing, etc! Found a pack of three lined, lap-size boards for ($2.00) in the dollar section in the front of the store.

11. Pinpression-So excited about this find! Remember these things? I think they can be particularly therapeutic for students with sensory needs, and just generally fun! ($5.00)
12. Activity Tablet-Great to have on hand for students who pop-in unexpectedly! This is another item that I found in the dollar section in the front of the store for ($2.00)

13. Notepads, Stress Balls, Stickers-The dollar section strikes again! Picked up a handful of go-to items for just ($1.00)!!

With tax, I got a total of 26 different items for just $51.39. Cannot wait to incorporate them into my office and begin using them with students!! What other school counseling items have you picked up for little cost? 

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