Friday, September 13, 2013

International Dot Day

Some of my favorite pieces in my counseling library are written and/or illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. One of his books in particular, The Dot, encourages creative expression not only in the children featured in the story, but also in readers of all ages!

International Dot Day, now in it's fifth year, will be celebrated this Sunday, September 15th. The Dot Day Website provides more information on how to celebrate this event while encouraging others to embrace their individuality and "make their mark!" The video below includes a reading of the book while highlighting a school district's interpretation of a "Dot Gallery".

Similar to in The Dot, I enjoy using art with students during individual and group sessions. For students who are unable to verbalize their feelings and/or experiences, art can serve as a fantastic outlet! It can also give us a look into their world! For schools who have access to technology, iPads might also be a great tool for creative expression. Otherwise, general crayons, paper, play-doh, and other craft resources work just as well!

How do you embrace creativity as a school counselor? Do you encourage students to make their mark?!

Happy Dot Day!

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